Windows 7 returns in a new beta version

Windows 7 is available again in a new beta, offering support with security patches

A new beta version of Windows 7 is available again thanks to the work of a group of developers. It comes with support and security patches.

According to media information, the new beta “can be installed and run in tools such as VMware Player and Microsoft continues to offer support with security patches.”

As is known, Windows 7 stopped being used a few years ago. Even Windows 8 gave way to new versions. However, the developers have not stopped; On the contrary, “they have continued exploring one of the most successful versions of Microsoft and have found a new test version of this operating system.”

It is known that in January 2020, Microsoft stopped offering support for Windows 7. Recently, “a social network X user known as PhantomOcean3 has published screenshots of the beta version known as Windows 7 build 6758.”

According to this user, there is an update to the design, improvements in different aspects: configuration process, program management in the Control Panel, the Shell (graphical interface that has been maintained until Windows 10) and the Start menu.

In Windows 7 build 6758, which is already on the Internet Archive, desktop gadgets are not launched by default but can be launched by users from User Account Control (UAC). Options such as the design of the notification tray and side menus have also been customized.


Source: computerhoy

(Reference image source: BoliviaInteligente in Unsplash)

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