Google inaugurated its new headquarters in El Salvador

The technology company Google already has a headquarters in El Salvador, inaugurated this Monday by President Nayib Bukele

This Monday the technology company Google inaugurated its new headquarters in El Salvador, with the attendance of President Nayib Bukele, Eduardo López, president of Google Cloud for Latin America and other personalities.

With the opening of these headquarters, Google will provide support for the development of the Central American nation. Among the beneficiaries are Salvadoran entrepreneurial women, but the focus is also on public and private institutions with the purpose of promoting business and modernizing education and health.

Bukele, who presided over the inauguration, said: “This day, we are inaugurating the Google offices in El Salvador, let’s say the most important physical presence, or Google’s base of operations in El Salvador.”

The president highlighted that since 2023 they have been working with the technology provided by Google and that there is not a single child who currently does not have the Google Classroom teaching platform on a digital device.

Eleonora Rabinovich, Government Relations and Public Affairs for Google Latin America, announced during the opening ceremony that will support the local organization Promujeres with a disbursement of $200,000, which will provide financing and training in digital skills to boost their businesses.

For its part, the Bukele government will allocate around $500 million over the next few years to implement this alliance with Google.

Innovation, launch of new applications, digitalization in the public and private sphere, as well as the modernization of the country are some of the priorities that Bukele seeks to address with this step that marks a milestone in the history of the nation.


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