Coca-Cola and Microsoft sign million-dollar agreement on AI

Through an agreement for USD 1.1 billion between Coca-Cola and Microsoft on artificial intelligence, both consortiums will strengthen areas such as cloud services, innovation and efficiency

Artificial intelligence and its use in areas such as cloud services, quality and efficiency are the focus of the recent agreement, for 1.1 billion dollars, between Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

Two companies in sectors that seem very distant are coming together in favor of innovation through a five-year agreement that will put Microsoft’s AI and cloud technologies “in Coca-Cola’s operations.”

The announcement was made this week, detailing a $1.1 billion investment by the soft drink maker in Microsoft’s cloud services aimed at optimizing efficiency across its global business functions.

In this sense, “Coca-Cola will use Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service and Copilot for Microsoft 365 to explore new generative AI applications aimed at improving productivity.”

The strategy is part of Coca-Cola’s “broader digital transformation, which has seen the company migrate all of its applications to Microsoft Azure, with many independent bottling partners doing the same.” Coca-Cola’s use of Azure OpenAI Service has begun to bear fruit with a new focus on marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, and customer experience.

With this agreement, Coca-Cola is expected to gain broad access to Microsoft’s offering of “cloud and AI platforms, including Microsoft 365, Power BI, Dynamics 365, Defender and Fabric,” with which the company would achieve a better positioning in the market enhanced by efficiency and innovation.

Coca-Cola’s transition to a digital company through the adoption of AI has been highlighted by Neeraj Tolmare, the company’s senior vice president and global chief information officer.


Source: diariobitcoin

(Reference image source: Pawel Czerwinski en Unsplash)

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