Bancamiga increased its Debit Card limits

The banking institution reported that the new limits of its Bancamiga Debit Card are $200 per day for use abroad and the equivalent of $500 per day in Venezuelan territory

Bancamiga has informed its clients that the daily limits for the use of the Debit Card abroad and within the country have been updated.


The new daily limit is $200.

In Venezuela

The new daily limit is equivalent to $500.

Important information

These limits apply to all transactions made with the Bancamiga Debit Card, including purchases, cash withdrawals and payments in stores.

The equivalent of $500 in Venezuela will be calculated according to the official exchange rate of the day published by the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Customers can check their available balance through Bancamiga Suite or Bancamiga en Línea.

Bancamiga reiterates its commitment to offering its clients products and services adapted to their needs.

With information and image provided by Bancamiga Banco Universal

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