The metaverse will be the new channel of interaction with consumers

Large companies consider it necessary to explore the metaverse as a new channel of interaction with consumers and take advantage of the possibilities it offers

Large companies such as Aedas Homes, Banco Santander, BBVA, Enagás, Esade, Meliá Hotels International, Telefónica consider it necessary to explore the metaverse as a new channel of interaction with consumers and recommend taking advantage of the possibilities it offers to business sectors.

This was pointed out by the different representatives of the companies in the podcast Generation of Opportunities, carried out by Europa Press in collaboration with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

The metaverse is an opportunity for different economic sectors, although for some it will be more important than for others, but companies cannot be left out. It is part of the evolution of the internet and will become an important means of interaction for consumers.

For the McKinsey partner, Carlos Sánchez Altable, who is also an expert in technologies in the consumer sector, the usefulness of the metaverse in the sector in general and, in particular, for the field of luxury, fashion or cosmetics is quite Sure.

The State of Technology in Fashion 2022 Report notes that fashion companies that engage in “innovation and merchandising in the metaverse could generate more than 5 % of revenue from virtual activities in the next few years.” two to five years”.

Multiple utilities of the metaverse

The podcast participants agree that environments based on virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will transform the way people interact, in the way they socialize, work and even have fun, and therefore in the way they will consume content, products and services.

According to the participants, the metaverse provides multiple uses “in areas such as floor exhibition, medical visualization, education and training, events and shows, digital art, engineering design, telecommuting, maintenance of remote assets in the industrial sector or banking and financial advice”.

Iván Moreno, manager of the Strategy and Digital Assets area at BBVA, highlighted that the marketing and sales areas of different corporations “can sell their products differently, taking advantage of the experience components provided by the metaverse.”

The director of Banco Santander’s Crypto and Blockchain Center of Excellence, Coti de Monteverde, the different brands can deliver to their users “immersive, interactive and fun experiences that connect the physical and digital worlds.” While companies that own digital assets will have a new way to monetize them through non-fungible tokens (NFT).

M. Rodríguez

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