Telegram prepares the subscription model

The messaging network indicated that, for a reduced price, it will allow users to skip advertising within the network

The messaging application Telegram prepares the launch of subscriptions that, for a reduced price, will allow users not to receive advertising, a function that will begin to reach the platform’s large channels this November.

This was announced through his personal Telegram channel by the founder of the application, Pavel Durov, who specified the company’s plans and has specified how the ads will arrive on the messaging network.

As the application had already announced at the end of October, its own advertising platform that will begin to show sponsored messages on public channels with more than a thousand subscribers, with a maximum of 160 characters, will be released this November.

Now, following requests from the user community, Telegram indicated that users will be able to deactivate these advertisements from the channels, and that the company is already working on this in new “economic subscriptions.”

By paying for these subscriptions, users will be able to support the development of this messaging application and will not receive advertising on their accounts in return.

The ability to disable advertising on Telegram will also be available to channel owners, who can choose not to show ads to their members. Durov acknowledged that the company is still “calculating” the economic impact of this alternative.

In none of the cases will these ads appear in Telegram’s personal chats or in the application’s list of conversations, as recognized by the CEO, who assures that they will only reach large channels.

K. Tovar

Source: Xataka

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