Crypto market recovers and Bitcoin exceeds $71,000

The value of Bitcoin began this week by breaking a new record, reaching $71,432 in the Asian market

The cryptocurrency market opened this week with a significant recovery, after Bitcoin reached a new high in value, settling at $71,432.

According to Bloomberg reports, the main cryptocurrency in the market is advancing again, with a record price in a scenario awaiting new decisions in the United States regarding the interest rate cut by the SEC.

According to estimates, Bitcoin has risen approximately 70 % so far in 2024. Some specialists point out that this upward trend has also been helped by “illiquid Asian market conditions and the possibility that the United States Federal Reserve cut interest rates.”

The truth is that the increase in the price of Bitcoin generates confidence in investors who are increasingly betting on its use despite the volatility of the global market.


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(Reference image: engin akyurt on Unsplash)

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