NASA plans to relaunch the VERITAS mission in 2031

NASA's VERITAS Mission, initially conceived to study the rock composition of Venus, is scheduled to relaunch in 2031

NASA’s VERITAS Mission would be resumed in 2031, according to information from the agency, which has just received adequate funds for the project.

The mission was launched in 2021 together with DAVINCI “to explore the second planet from the Sun like never before. “VERITAS’ task was to produce new maps of the surface of Venus and DAVINCI had the task of performing atmospheric science in light of the debate over whether Venus’ atmosphere would allow habitability.”

They faced serious budget and staffing problems on the NASA jet, but now VERITAS will be reactivated. The relaunch was expected to occur in 2027, but was again postponed due to budget cut issues for 2024.

However, the US agency has just announced that it already has the money necessary to resurrect the VERITAS mission and its launch is scheduled for 2031. NASA would have received USD 24,875 million for its 2024 budget.

Thus, the agency would relaunch the VERITAS mission in 2031 with the purpose of mapping “high-resolution radar maps of the surface of the planet Venus.”


Source: 20minutos

(Reference image source: Brian McGowan in Unsplash)

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