What is WhatsApp PIP mode?

The WhatsApp messaging application is preparing to launch PIP Mode, which will allow users to watch videos in a floating window while using other applications

WhatsApp users will have a new function that will allow them to view audiovisual content in a floating window while using other applications, through what has been called PIP (Picture in Picture) Mode.

It is important to clarify that the modality is only available for the beta of WhatsApp for iOS, in version However, as has happened before, it is expected that it will be enabled for all users in the short term.

According to information published in WABetaInfo, by activating PIP Mode “people can watch a video that has been sent in a chat, minimize the application, chat in another chat, browse the Internet or use other apps without having to pause or close the video.”

The floating screen can be placed in the screen space at the user’s convenience, and its size can also be changed.

The functionality already existed. It was enabled in 2023 for video calls, and for videos it worked only with YouTube content. Now, people will be able to enjoy videos of any type, sent within the application.


Source: Xataka

(Reference image source: Christian Wiediger in Unsplash)

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