Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA will renew agreements with 17 mixed companies

The Venezuelan oil company PDVSA announced that it will renew agreements with 17 mixed companies

The Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA, will renew contracts with 17 joint companies. This was reported by the deputy and president of the Permanent Commission on Energy and Petroleum of the National Assembly (AN), Ángel Rodríguez.

The parliamentarian stressed that the country is on the path to strengthening its production levels and that it has “clear routes from the point of view of financing, from the point of view of production, the distribution of its oil and the sale.”

Rodríguez indicated that Venezuela has the channels for “communication, sales, financing and distribution of that crude oil: you can apply any licenses to us, and it will not disturb us.”

Regarding the renewal of agreements with 17 joint companies in the country, he clarified that nine will have new international partners.

According to their estimates, by the end of 2024 Venezuelan oil production will close at 1,200,000 barrels per day (bpd).


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