Spanish application Eurocoinpay will be ready in November

Eurocoinpay, a 100% Spanish project developed by the couple of entrepreneurs Herminio Fernández and Marisa de la Fuente at the end of 2016, will be launched next November

The Eurocoinpay application will allow to pay and charge in the cryptocurrency of preference when buying any product in the selected shop. The app is almost ready, said Herminio Fernández, CEO of the tool which he defines as a payment gateway.

The platform is included in an ICO until October 31st, through its own cryptocurrency, Eurocoin Token, which as of November 1st will be used to make purchases at merchants incorporated, without transaction costs and short waiting time.

Fernandez explains that the establishment or store interested in the platform can enter through a browser, which provides an ID and can establish the cryptocurrencies of its predilection to later accept payments that will become its favorite currency, including euros.

The entrepreneur also confesses that his main concern is not being able to meet the demand that is generated and recognizes that his purpose is to take the future application of payments to any country in the world, including the third world, where there are populations with no access to banking.

Fernandez wants a specific legislation be established in Spain so that the future application can be managed using guides. He also asserts that a cell phone can be a bank with Eurocoinpay.


Source: ABC 

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