China promotes Digital Silk Road

The Chinese government is open to working with all parties to promote the Digital Silk Road, and share the dividends of this economic development

During the recent World Internet Conference, China announced that it is willing to work together with all parties involved in promoting the Digital Silk Road (#DigitalSilkRoad2024WIC).

According to Wang Yong, vice chairman of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, his government “is willing to work with all parties to promote the construction of the Digital Silk Road and share the dividends of digital economic development.”

The statements were made this Tuesday, by the official, during the opening ceremony of the Digital Silk Road Development Forum of the World Internet Conference.

The Chinese government is willing to “lead the construction of a cyberspace community with a shared future to a new phase,” as well as “deepen cooperation in digital technological innovation, strengthen digital cultural exchanges and mutual understanding, as well as work with all the parties to create a set of digital governance standards.”

The motto of the government of the Asian country is “Connectivity and shared prosperity”, with which it has captured the attention of participants from some 50 countries and regions around the world.

The Digital Silk Road is aimed at transforming the digital interaction of the countries of the world, taking into account the particular case of this area to promote the development of “cross-border digital networks, promoting technological cooperation and improving digital governance between participating countries.”

A silk “digital highway” seeks to reduce the technological gap, promote economic development as well as innovation on a global scale.

The Digital Silk Road is of fundamental economic importance. It represents unlimited business opportunities, in addition to being a way to access new markets. “This interconnection opens avenues for e-commerce, digital commerce and cross-border investments,” job creation and significant gains for all participants.


Source: xinhuanet

(Reference image source: @WIC_espanol, X)

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