IMF forecasts economic growth of 4 % for Venezuela at the end of 2024

The International Monetary Fund predicts that Venezuela will have the highest economic growth in the region in 2024, placing it at 4 % at the end of the year

The economic growth forecast of the International Monetary Fund for Venezuela, at the end of 2024, is 4 %. It would be the highest index in the region.

According to the latest IMF report, “World Economic Outlook”, Venezuela’s GDP at the end of this year would be 4 %. The country is followed by “Paraguay with 3.8 %; Uruguay 3.7 %; Peru 2.5 %; Mexico 2.4 %; Brazil 2.2 %; Chile 2 %; Bolivia 1.6 %; Colombia 1.1 %; Ecuador 0.1 %; and Argentina -2.8 %.”

The international organization lowered the projection of Venezuelan economic growth by 3 % for 2025, and “reduced its forecast for world trade growth in 2024 to 3 %.”

It is important to highlight that during the year 2023, Venezuela’s economic growth exceeded 5 % of GDP. The president of the Caribbean nation, Nicolás Maduro, projected an 8% increase in GDP for the current year.

The IMF projections favor Venezuela’s transition towards an economic recovery, which would be favored.


Source: eluniversal

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Planet Volumes)

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