Germany changes Windows and Office for Linux and FreeOffice

Germany's public sector recently made a momentous change: abandoning Windows and Office in favor of government-driven open source Linux and FreeOffice

The German government has promoted a momentous change in the public sector, particularly in the technological field, by migrating from Windows and Office to Linux and FreeOffice.

Germany has decided to opt for free software solutions in its technological infrastructure. Other members of the European Union and China are considering following this route as well.

Regarding the measure in Germany, Dirk Schrödter, member of the Bundesrat, indicated that “around 30,000 public workers and their teams will change the software they use, which represents a massive adoption of open source software.”

The implementation of the change began in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, in the midst of the search for “greater security and avoiding exclusive dependence on Microsoft.”

The strategy in the European country has been called “digital sovereignty”, and its main objective is the protection of citizens’ data as well as preventing it from “falling into the hands of foreign corporations.”


Source: news.eseuro

(Reference image source: Maheshkumar Painam in Unsplash)

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