The number of cases of cyberattacks on banks in Mexico increases

Cyberattacks of Brazilian origin on Mexican banks increased dramatically in 2023, reaching 31,000 cases

Cyber​​attacks on Mexico’s banking sector, presumably of Brazilian origin, have escalated exponentially since 2023, when they reached 31,000 cases.

According to recent data, in 2022, 14,000 attacks to Mexican banking users were detected. The Grandoreiro malware was the culprit in those cases. In 2023, the number rose to 31,000. And so far in 2024, there have been an estimated 8,100 attacks, according to statements by Fabio Assolini, leader of the Latin America Unit of Kaspersky, a company specialized in cybersecurity, reviewed by Forbes Mexico.

“This exponential increase in cyberattacks represents a 600 % growth between December and March, with the Grandoreiro malware being used in numerous attacks.”

According to Assolini, cybercriminals take advantage of Mexicans’ propensity to fall into traps that culminate in the theft of information to carry out their attacks. On the other hand, they perceive growth in the country’s economy, which leads them to think that Mexicans have a lot of money in their bank accounts.

The expert does not rule out that the Brazilian attackers have accomplices in Mexico, who facilitate “the withdrawal of funds from ATMs, which could lead to criminal activities such as money laundering.”

As the years go by, hackers improve their attack techniques. In February of this year, thousands of fraudulent emails sent in the name of the SAT were detected. These messages requested data and file downloads from clients, which opened the door to the Trojan to thousands of devices in more than 45 countries.

In terms of digital attacks, in Latin America, Brazil heads the list of countries with the most cases, “followed by Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia,” according to Assolini. “The larger population and greater number of devices in use in these countries contribute to this trend.”


Source: massinformacion

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