Generative AI could eliminate 8 million jobs in the United Kingdom

In a recent study by the Institute for Public Policy Research, generative AI could eliminate 8 million jobs in the United Kingdom in the next five years

A recent study by the Institute for Public Policy Research warns that in the next five years the United Kingdom could see 8 million jobs eliminated by generative AI.

According to data collected by the IPPR, the most vulnerable would be “women, young people and part-time workers”, whose jobs would be performed through genetative AI.

It would be the worst scenario in the labor market, which Elon Musk has been mentioning since last November, warning that “there will come a point when AI will do everything and there will be no need for jobs… unless it is for our satisfaction.”

For his part, economist Carsten Jung, of the IPPR, has stated that just as generative AI could cause “a major disruption of the labor market,” it could also represent a turning point for millions of workers.

The recommendation is to act now to manage the proper use of this new technology, given the risk it could represent for the 22,000 jobs in all sectors analyzed in the IPPR study.

Bhargav Srinivasa, a researcher at the institute, highlights that jobs such as “text production and editing, data management, graphic design or personal assistance will be seriously affected in this first wave in which we are already.”

In the midst of a high-risk panorama, the best possible scenario points to an empowerment of the workforce thanks, precisely, to the incorporation of generative AI, “but without substantial reductions in employment, it could lead to an increase in GDP of up to 4% annually.” To do this, a plan would be necessary where AI is focused on the generation of new jobs, “with incentives such as tax exemptions, regulatory changes and subsidies for job training with new technology,” they point out from the IPPR.



(Reference image source: Julien Tromeur in Unsplash)

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