AT&T investigates leak of personal data of 73 million customers in the United States

According to AT&T, the data of 73 million account holders in the United States was leaked to the dark web, so they have launched an investigation

Through a statement from the AT&T company, issued this Saturday, it was learned about the leak to the dark web of personal data of 73 million account holders in the United States.

An investigation has been initiated for this event that occurred approximately two weeks ago, but preliminary data indicates that the data leak includes information on the Social Security numbers of the holders.

Preliminarily, the company has indicated that they did not receive an alert of unauthorized access to their system. In addition, it emphasizes that the publication of information on the dark web does not include financial data “or specific details about call history.”

According to AT&T, “the breach shows that approximately 7.6 million current account holders and 65.4 million former account holders were affected.”

The first measure in response to the event has been to contact customers and ask them to reset their account passwords and remain alert to “changes in their accounts or credit reports.”


Source: CNN

(Reference image source: Shahadat Rahman en Unsplash)

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