Chile inaugurates the most modern waste pretreatment center in Latin America

Ambipar Environment is the company responsible for the most modern waste pretreatment center in Latin America. It is located in Chile and is equipped with the most advanced semi-automated technology

The most modern waste pretreatment center in Latin America was inaugurated in Chile. The project belongs to the company Ambipar Environment and is equipped with the most advanced technology.

The leading company in environmental solutions, a subsidiary of the Brazilian multinational Ambipar Group, indicated that a processing capacity of 60 thousand tons per year and a recovery rate of more than 90 % of recyclable waste is expected.

The Classification and Pretreatment Center inspired by the Comprehensive Management of Industrial Waste (GIRI) involves an investment of USD 25 million for the development of 8,500 m2 of industrial warehouses, “equipped with the most advanced semi-automated technologies in classification and pretreatment of non-domestic waste, positioning itself as a benchmark in the region.”

According to the Undersecretary of the Environment, Maximiliano Proaño Ugalde, who attended the inauguration on behalf of the government, the GIRI complex represents a great contribution to the country’s economy, as well as an important step towards the circular economy. .

Matías Lagos, Corporate General Manager of Ambipar Environment for Latin America, stated that the objective is to provide effective solutions to all sectors of the industry.

The project was activated in its first stage in the Metropolitan Region, where it is expected to facilitate waste management processes in the municipalities, in addition to optimizing the certified destruction and recovery of obsolete inventories.

The idea is that not everything ends in a filler. But to separate those elements that can be reused, used in “composting, animal feed, biodigestion or energy recovery.”


Source: americaeconomia

(Reference image source: Sigmund in Unsplash)

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