World Bank approved a loan for Ecuador’s education

The institution will grant some 190 million dollars to improve the education of a significant number of schools

In an important announcement, the World Bank approved a loan worth $190 million for the execution of an ambitious project to improve educational quality in Ecuador. This project, which will focus especially on rural areas of the country, aims to intervene in 1,200 schools, where around 12,000 teachers teach and approximately 790,000 students study.

The loan, with a variable margin and a term of seventeen years, including an eight-year grace period, was announced in a statement issued by the World Bank on September 29.

The project has multiple facets, all aimed at strengthening education in Ecuador. Firstly, it will focus on improving school infrastructure, promoting the health and well-being of students through the creation of resilient, inclusive and energy efficient spaces, designed to address the climate risks to which the country Is exposed.

In addition, a curricular update will be carried out for early education teachers, incorporating innovative pedagogical models that will boost the quality of teaching in the classrooms, thus preparing students for their entry into school.

The project will also provide classroom equipment and resources, including the creation of reading spaces through library networks in marginalized rural areas.

A highlight of the project is its contingent emergency response component, which will allow the reallocation of funds in the event of disasters to serve schools whose infrastructure has been affected.

The selection of the schools that will benefit from this loan was based on criteria that include the level of poverty measured by the index of unmet basic needs, the security risk according to indicators of violence in the areas where the schools are located, and the concentration of migrant population.

The director of the World Bank for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, Issam Abousleiman, expressed his support for this investment in safe and suitable schools, highlighting the importance of improving the teaching-learning process in a country exposed to multiple climate threats.

Ecuador’s Minister of Education, María Brown, also praised the loan, stating that it “will contribute to increasing educational access and quality in more than 1,200 educational institutions nationwide” and is expected to double enrollment and improve quality. education by 2028, providing better opportunities to children and adolescents, especially at the initial education level.

K. Tovar

Source: Bancaynegocios

(Reference image source: Kimberly Farmer, Unsplash)

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