The United States approves measure to avoid government closure

As an emergency measure to avoid a government shutdown, this Saturday the United States Senate gave the green light to a provisional spending bill for the next 45 days

This Saturday, an emergency measure was announced by the United States Senate, called a “continuing resolution” (CR) to avoid a government shutdown for the next 45 days.

According to the announcement, the continuing resolution consists of a provisional draft of expenses and funds to help the population affected by catastrophes.

It was feared that the government shutdown would occur this October 1, with the start of the new fiscal year in the United States. However, the approval of the continuing resolution addresses multiple problems for the Biden administration, who signed the document on Saturday.

The official statement states: “Tonight, the bipartisan majorities of the House of Representatives and the Senate voted to keep the Government open, avoiding an unnecessary crisis that would have inflicted unnecessary pain on millions of working Americans.”

Biden expressed his satisfaction with the approval of this emergency measure and added that they are immersed in an unnecessary crisis, which “should not have occurred,” pointing the responsibilities towards the radical Republicans in the lower house.

It is important to clarify that the closure of the US Government, whether partial or total, occurs when “Congress fails to approve 12 bills that constitute the discretionary spending budget for the fiscal year, which begins every 1st of October, nor reach a provisional agreement.”

Among the reasons for this outcome is the fact that government agencies face a prohibition on spending or committing funds without the permission of the legislative branch, which must subsequently be endorsed by the president.

The signing of the draft bill this Saturday puts the government of the North American country safe for the next 45 days, during which internal discussions will continue to find the long-awaited stability.


Source: eluniversal

(Reference image source: Alejandro Barba, Unsplash)

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