Morocco will have its own mining farm

The nation will develop wind energy for the production of bitcoins in the south through Soluna company

Through the bitcoin mining company Soluna, Morocco will be able to count with a wind farm of 36 megawatts for the production of cryptocurrencies for January next year.

This space will be located in the southern part of the country. It counts on the necessary conditions to produce the wind energy indispensable for the operation of mining machines.

Soluna has already secured the rights to 37,000 acres of land, where it will eventually produce some 900MW. The company, formed by the private equity firm of New York Brookstone Partners, expects to raise 100 million dollars to complete the project.

“Depending on our future capacity, we can commit to the largest commercial buyer in the country and beyond to buy our energy,” Soluna CEO John Belizaire said.

Several companies have already applied similar strategies to increase their profits in the world of cryptocurrencies, given the low prices they have had during this year.

K. Tovar

Source: Arstechnica

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