Apple is already working on the overheating of the iPhone 15

The company acknowledged that the failure is due to the operating system itself, so an update is expected to fix the overheating

Apple recognizes that the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are experiencing overheating beyond what is considered normal in the first days of use, which it identifies with a bug in iOS 17, which is why it has announced that it is preparing the patches to do so. they will correct.

The first days of using a new mobile device involve not only starting it for the first time but also reconfiguring and downloading backup copies of the services most commonly used by the user.

This configuration of the new smartphone can cause the device to overheat during the first days, due to having a lot of activity in the background, as Apple itself explains to Forbes. But after that initial set-up process, it is not so normal.

“We also found a bug in iOS 17 that is affecting some users and will be fixed in a software update,” he confirms to this medium. And he adds that there is another problem “that has to do with some recent updates to third-party applications that cause them to overload the system.”

Therefore, he states that they are “working with these application developers on fixes that are in the process of being implemented.”

Although more has been said about the overheating problems of the iPhone 15 Pro series, these also affect the iPhone 15 series. Both went on sale on September 22.

In its first week on the market, users who managed to buy one of these smartphones noticed that it became excessively hot, especially during battery charging and with prolonged but not intensive use.

Early speculation suggested that this problem could be due to the A17 Pro processor, although Apple expert analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed to the thermal system design as the cause of the problem, due to “concessions made to achieve lighter weight”. Apple has finally linked it to a bug in the operating system, iOS 17.

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Source: Applesfera

(Referential image source: Apple, EuropaPress)

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