Windows 12 launch will be in 2024

Through a post from the Windows Insider program on the social network X, the arrival of Windows 12 to the market in 2024 was announced

Users of the Windows operating system continue their adaptation to versions 10 and 11. At the same time, through a publication on the X social network of the Windows Insider program, it was learned that Windows 12 will hit the market in 2024.

Among rumors and information leaks about the new update, it has been announced that Windows 12 will be launched next year, presumably with more requirements for users and a focus on artificial intelligence.

The Windows Insider post on the old social network Twitter summarizes the publication of a user who “shared images related to Office 2024 Preview, and who also commented that the launch of Windows 12 would occur in 2024.”

Taking into consideration already known aspects of the previous versions of the most used operating system until now, it is very possible that the launch of the new update will occur by the end of 2024 in open beta.

“When its official launch occurs, Windows 12 will have to coexist for a time with Windows 10, which ends its support cycle in October 2025, and with Windows 11, which has a much longer life cycle ahead.”

Users will, at best, be able to upgrade for free from Windows 10 and Windows 11, making the process much easier for those who do not have the means to pay the full cost.


Source: muycomputer

(Reference image source: BoliviaInteligente, Unsplash)

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