TikTok will support live broadcasts only for an adult audience

The TikTok platform announced that it will make changes to live broadcasts to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate content

TikTok has decided to raise the minimum age to hold a live event, so that users must be at least 18 years old, an update that will soon be complemented by the possibility of broadcasting for an adult audience.

The social network has updated some of its policies in relation to user security, which has meant changes in access to certain functions according to age, such as the requirement to be 16 years old to access direct messages or 18 years old to send virtual gifts and access monetization tools.




These changes now extend to live streams, for which TikTok will require you to be at least 18 years old instead of the current 16. This measure will come into force on November 23, as reported on its official blog.

Along with this change, the company will also allow content creators to choose the audience to which they direct their live broadcast, being able to limit it to those over 18 years of age if they consider that the content is not appropriate for minors. This novelty will arrive “in the coming weeks”.

Likewise, TikTok has recalled a recent novelty, the possibility of performing direct with up to five guests with the ‘Multi-Guest’ format. And in the coming weeks, new filters will be available to creators to limit comments.

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Source: dpa

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