WhatsApp will allow users to hide the status “online”

Those in charge of the instant messaging application announced that for this August users will be able to decide to whom to show the "online" status

WhatsApp implemented new privacy options on the platform, among which is the function that allows you to hide the “online” status from other contacts when using the application, as well as silently leave groups.

The company has spent months developing new features focused on having greater control over conversations in different beta versions of the instant messaging platform.

Last May, this portal anticipated that in the beta version for Desktop an option had been introduced to exclusively notify the administrator or administrators of a group when a member of the group chat left it.

Months later, in July, it was verified in a screenshot of WhatsApp beta for iOS that in a future update it would be possible to limit who could see the connection status, within the Last Seen Settings section.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, confirmed through his personal profile on Facebook the official implementation of these functions, which will soon be available to all users. “We will continue to create new ways to protect your messages and keep them as private and confidential as face-to-face conversations”.

Also this month, users will have the opportunity to choose who can see when they are “online.” To keep your online presence private, the company introduced the ability to select who can and cannot see when you’re online and using the app.

K. Tovar

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