Dubai to build the world’s first Bitcoin Tower

A new architectural project in the United Arab Emirates is aimed at the construction of a 40-story hotel in the shape of Bitcoin

The United Arab Emirates will soon be able to boast the first Bitcoin Tower. It is a 40-story hotel that will be in the form of cryptocurrency.

A Dubai developer recently unveiled “blueprints for the world’s first Bitcoin (BTC) Tower. The project intends to demonstrate the importance of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, coinciding with the next meeting of COP28 in Dubai”.

Behind the project to achieve this striking work is the engineer Salvatore Liggiero, who has stressed that it will be “the first of its kind.” Advanced technologies and materials that comply with environmental regulations will be used in construction.

According to Leggiero, this will be “the first hotel that returns the money you paid, plus interest.”

The work represents an ambitious initiative that seeks to encourage participation. Likewise, it is a tool to reach the people more directly and offer them information about cryptocurrencies. “Artists, architects, creatives, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are encouraged to submit their works to real estate developer Leggiero.”

According to the Bit2me portal, the Bitcoin Tower will allow the integration of “blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies to reward its users. One of the protagonists of the Bitcoin Tower will be non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Leggiero explained that the building will reward its guests with NFT tokens that will be used to unlock exclusive access to several of its services.”


Source: cripto247

(Reference image source: ZQ Lee, Unsplash)

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