Colombia established new visa rules for Venezuelans

Through resolution 5477, Colombia established changes in the issuance of visas to Venezuelan citizens. Among the most notorious changes is the study time of each case, which went from five business days to 30 days

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established new rules for granting visas to Venezuelan citizens. Resolution 5477 extended the waiting time for the study of each case from five to 30 business days, as the main measure, and will come into effect from next October.

The newspaper El Tiempo reviews article 33 of this new resolution, which states: “Once the application has been completely filled out, with the provision of all the required documents and the corresponding payment for the study of the application has been fulfilled, the Visa and Immigration Authority will have up to thirty (30) calendar days to issue the statement.”

In the event that the Colombian Foreign Ministry considers that additional information or documentation is required, this period of time could be extended. On the other hand, if all the requested documents are not presented, “its approval will be at the discretion of the Visa and Immigration Authority.”

Key information for Venezuelan immigrants

The resolution recently issued by the Colombian authorities makes it clear that the applicant for the stay visa must have a passport with a minimum validity of six months. Likewise, “if the foreign applicant is in Colombia, he must ensure that he remains in regular immigration status for the entire time that the processing of his application is prolonged, whether under the protection of a valid visa, a safe-conduct or a permanence residence permit.”

Immigration authorities have also established other visa categories, such as the Digital Nomad Visa, valid for two years, for those who “telework from Colombia through digital means and the Internet, exclusively for foreign companies as independent or labor-related or to start an undertaking of digital content or information technologies of interest to the country.”

They will also offer the Visa for the Promotion of Internationalization, for foreigners with second and third level studies in basic sciences adjusted to the needs of the country. This visa will allow the development of “productive activities of innovation or research, aimed at the adoption or adaptation of technologies that complement or develop products, processes or services that contribute to strengthening the country’s competitiveness.”

Regarding Venezuelans who already reside in Colombia and wish to obtain the Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelan Migrants, the resolution establishes that it will apply to “Venezuelan citizens with a Temporary Protection Permit (PPT) for five continuous years. The time in Colombia with a Special Permanence Permit (PEP) will be cumulative to obtain this visa.

In the event that the immigrant wishes to qualify for the permanent resident visa, valid for five years, the request may be made as of June 1st, 2023, through the platforms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Unit Special Administrative Office for Migration Colombia.


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