Twenty years since the launch of Facebook

There are many ups and downs that the social network Facebook has gone through since its launch 20 years ago. What is undeniable is its contribution to a new digital era in communications, data exchange and information consumption

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and a group of colleagues at Harvard University broke new ground in the digital age with the launch of the social network Facebook. Twenty years have passed since that event.

Ups and downs, demands, questions and praise have accompanied Facebook in recent years. Regulations regarding private data have led to greater control by the parent company, Meta.

The number of users continues to increase, given the friendliness of the social network and its global reach, allowing connection between millions of people as well as the possibility of sharing videos and images.

The privacy terms and conditions, however, are currently a cause of distrust among users. Added to this is the considerable increase in the use of advertising, which has bothered thousands of people, even causing them to close their accounts on the platform.

In any case, Facebook remains at the top of the most used, followed by Instagram and TikTok.


With information from international media and agencies

(Referential image source: Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

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