The AI will not be able to win a Grammy but can participate in the creation of an eligible work

The academy guidelines were updated, which now means that the AI will not be able to win this recognition

The Grammy Awards updated the rules for the selection of the nominees to include a series of nuances regarding generative artificial intelligence (AI), and make it clear that while it does not exclude it completely from production, it does exclude it from the possibility to win the award.

Specifically, it rules out the possibility that an AI could be nominated for or win a Grammy, limiting this fact to human creators only. And in fact, it requires that works contain human authorship in order to be considered in any category.

However, they admit works with materials generated by an AI, as long as the human authorship is “significant and more than minimal” and that this component of human authorship is “relevant to the category in which said work is registered.”

And if the work contains AI-generated material, the author of that incorporated material will not be eligible for a Grammy nomination or winner.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: EuropaPress)

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