Diversity of applications of blockchain technology

Beyond the use that is currently known in digital transactions, it applies to create blogs, social networks, entertainment channels and rental platforms

Currently, blockchain technology is mentioned more insistently in the digital economy sector. Its use provides efficiency, transparency, security and confidence in this fundamental area and is a pillar of the development of countries and individuals.

But what other applications does the blockchain technology have? It is not a recent breakthrough; computer scientists and engineers already used it to safeguard data of large corporations. In this sense, currently thousands of hospitals, central banks, ministries use it for storage and data management in a decentralized and efficient manner.

Another application is focused on creating incentive social media platforms that allow users or subscribers to create, evaluate and share content while making money. An example is Steemit, which has its own cryptocurrency of the same name and does not stay in the common format of social network to share. Its goal is the creation of content with value.

Blockchain technology is also used to eliminate access barriers for the general public, either individually or through groups of entrepreneurs, to financing mechanisms and profits that were previously restricted to corporations or groups with high economic power.

The entertainment sector has found in this technology a handle to avoid resale of tickets to concerts, unite groups of musicians of trajectory with those who are taking their first steps in the industry, share independent productions for free. These are some of the benefits in these spheres of block chains. Viberate y Aventus are two good examples.


Source: Wired

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