Oil production in Venezuela increased 43 % in six months

According to Pedro Tellechea, Minister for Petroleum and president of PDVSA, Venezuela went from producing 630 thousand barrels per day to more than 850 thousand

Oil production in Venezuela went from 630,000 barrels per day to more than 850,000 since January 2023. This was reported by the president of PDVSA and Minister for Oil, Pedro Tellechea.

The figures indicated by the Venezuelan official represent a 43 % increase in crude oil production by the South American country. The fact is considered a positive sign for the nation and for the industry.

Tellechea indicated: “The hope for this month (June) is that we are going to close at almost 900,000 barrels per day; So, yes, we are working”.

It was also known that the oil production plan proposed by the minister is to reach one million barrels per day by next August.

Regarding the production of natural gas, the estimate is 4,035 million cubic feet per day and that of natural gas liquids (NGL) is 56,000 barrels per day.


With information from national media

(Reference image source: Maria Lupan, Unsplash)

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