Spotify will raise the price and launch a new plan

The streaming platform Spotify plans to raise the price of the service, but warns that the change will be accompanied by a new plan and content

A price increase in the Spotify streaming platform service is imminent. This has been leaked by company contacts to Bloomberg, where there is also talk that it will offer a new plan and content.

The changes apparently relate to audiobooks, which Spotify “added for free last year in some countries, although not Spain.” Audiobooks represent a high cost for the platform, which would justify the increase in price.

Regarding the cost after the increase, it has been speculated that the Swedish platform “is going to increase the price of all its plans between 1 and 2 euros per month, depending on the plan.” The new, lower-cost plan will not include audiobooks.

According to data provided to Bloomberg, the price increase will take place this April in the United Kingdom, Australia, Pakistan, and two other countries. It will spread to the rest of the world throughout the year.


Source: computerhoy

(Reference image source: Alexander Shatov in Unsplash)

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