Google warns cybercrime rise as Christmas approaches

Australians have been warned from Google about the increase in cybercrime via email such as malware, phishing and spam

Purchases and payments over the Internet increase in December. And as Christmas approaches, cyberattacks are also increasing. In this sense, Google issued a warning to be aware of the possible arrival of malicious emails.

Australians have been the focus of these warnings, although they are valid for all Internet users who could be targeted by email containing spam, phishing or malware, among others.

Google warns of five possible ways to attack users, starting with the seemingly harmless gift cards and gifts. “Scammers may try to trick people into buying a gift card from them, sometimes by impersonating a known contact or promoting a free prize in exchange for sharing credit card information,” Google Cloud explained. It is necessary to stay alert, be wary of strange messages, offers that are too good.

Then there are the fake donations. At Christmas, cybercriminals take advantage of people’s innocence and goodwill to carry out scams on behalf of charities that they have impersonated online.

Third, Google warns about irregularities with emails that request renewal of a subscription. Hackers impersonate legitimate companies such as antivirus, security, requesting subscription renewal to get user data.

The fourth reason for distrust is cryptocurrencies due to false applications, tokens and related services through email. “Typographical errors, misplaced email addresses or payment demands are some relevant alarm signals”, reports Google Cloud.

The fifth reason to be alert, according to Google, are possible scams through personal attacks, based on “demographic data” such as the age and place of residence of the victim. It is important to remember that legitimate, real companies will never request personal information or payment through an email.


Source: yahoo finance

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