Features to consider in a USB memory

When purchasing a USB memory, it is possible to make mistakes due to lack of knowledge that leads to investing money in an inefficient or poor quality device

USB flash drives, or pendrives, are devices that greatly facilitate personal and work performance. To acquire them, it is important to take into account certain characteristics that guarantee correct performance and high efficiency.

Compact or larger

Normally, pendrives are small, not exceeding six centimeters in length. But this can vary and has nothing to do with greater or lesser capacity or performance. These characteristics should be consulted by the interested party in the store where they go to buy the device. A small device may offer greater capacity and faster data transfer than a standard-sized pendrive, or the situation may be the other way around. The customer should inquire about the issue before purchasing.

The brand does matter

In the case of USB flash drives, the brand does matter. The ideal is to know what each company in the technology sector offers. Likewise, those that are available on the market, which include ScanDisk, Verbatim or Kingston.


Before buying a USB memory, it is important to know the type of connectivity of the devices you want to use them on. It is also necessary to know which ones are compatible with the computer’s operating system; that is, Windows, Linux, macOS, among others. In any case, the customer must be clear about whether they require a USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or Type C memory, since the reading and writing speed will depend on it. A USB 2.0 can offer 28 MB/s in sequential reading and 28 MB/s in sequential reading. Memory 3.0 60 MB/s read and 20 MB/s write speeds. While Type C can offer 1,000 MB/s in reading and 900 MB/s in writing.

Device Durability

The useful life of a pendrive is determined by features such as resistance to dust and water, or reinforcement, which prevents it from being damaged in the event of falls, steps on or similar damage. Additional protection, for sensitive data or data that warrants confidentiality, is encryption and password protection. This functionality allows the files to remain inviolable in the event of theft or loss of the pendrive.

Check the warranty

What a store clerk says about the flash drives on display may be true, as may be part of the advertising to encourage purchase. It is essential to investigate the brand of the pendrive and verify how much of the warranty it offers for each product. Some manufacturers offer three years of warranty, others five years, like Samsung. The user will select the one that best suits them according to their technological requirements.


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