Colombia and Venezuela sign agreements to restore commercial flights

The governments of Colombia and Venezuela announced this week their commitment to reestablish air connections with commercial flights on the Barranquilla-Maiquetía, Bogotá-Maiquetía, Maiquetía-Cúcuta, and San Antonio del Táchira-Cúcuta routes.

Venezuela and Colombia signed agreements to restore commercial air traffic between the two nations, in addition to unifying search and rescue procedures in case of accidents.

The civil aviation authorities of Colombia and Venezuela met at the Center for Aeronautical Studies (CEA), in Bogotá. The meeting was chaired by Sergio París Mendoza, General Director of Civil Aeronautics, and Juan Manuel Teixeira Diaz, President of the National Institute of Civil Aviation of Venezuela.

The information collected in a joint statement indicates that the air routes will be Barranquilla – Maiquetía, Bogotá – Maiquetía, Maiquetía – Cúcuta, and San Antonio del Táchira – Cúcuta.

“These letters of operational agreement include the unification of SAR procedures, which consists of providing search and rescue services in emergency situations, in compliance with the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for Colombia and Venezuela, to in turn, cooperation for training and mutual training ”, reads the statement.


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