Robots and humans will be able to work together

The presence of androids in the factories and offices will increase the demands regarding the formation of humans

The fear of humans to lose their jobs due to the presence of robots in different areas of production in the world is fading thanks to a new vision of what androids represent and their role in the labor market.

In the past these cybernetic machines were seen as a threat, since they were supposed to replace human labor. Nowadays they are accepted as a hand that helps and arrives to complement the activities carried out in different areas of production thanks to advances in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Although it is true that there are more and more activities that are delegated to robots or robotic structures, these are mainly areas of difficult access, which represent a risk for the integrity of workers (such as explosives or radioactive areas).

The fear of humans also dissipates thanks to the fact that now they have a better understanding of their ability to analyze problems, provide solutions sometimes improvised out from computerized programs so they realize they are above the androids.

Thus, it is possible to think that labor field success will depend in the future on good relations between humans and robots. No doubt, it will be a work environment where the human understands their function and that of its cybernetic partner.


Source: El Mundo

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