TikTok will allow the creation of virtual influencers to promote products

The TikTok platform is working on creating influencers and virtual avatars for brands to promote their products by video or live-streaming

TikTok continues to work on innovations that make life easier for content creators. This time it targets companies, with the future offer that they can create virtual avatars and influencers that promote their products on video or live-streaming.

From the platform they have expressed: “To reinforce this interest and provide a more complete experience that favors brands and attracts their audience, the Chinese social network is developing a new AI function that allows the creation of virtual influencers to promote articles through of videos or live broadcasts.”

TikTok is looking to create a new AI-powered tool for scripting “video ads from instructions sent by advertisers. Likewise, it would also generate a virtual influencer who would interpret the script” in the modality that the client decides.

It will be a very useful tool for TikTok Shop merchants, as it will facilitate the way they advertise their products, in addition to doing so in an automated, original and visual way.

The functionality already has its Chinese version, Douyin, which has included it for some time. Furthermore, since 2022, “several Chinese companies specialized in creating deepfake avatars that promoted products or sold them in live-streaming programs.”


Source: marketing4ecommerce

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Galina Nelyubova)

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