Peter Foster arrested for bitcoin market fraud

The Australian citizen is a repeat fraudster who is accused of stealing more than € 1.05 million in bitcoin

The well-known Australian scammer, Peter Foster, was arrested on Thursday by a specialized security body in Queensland and escorted to Sydney, for having carried out a bitcoin scam of more than 1.05 million euros.

Despite the fact that Foster has served sentences in jails in Vanuatu, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, after serving his sentence and being reintegrated into society, he once again surprised the authorities with his scamrelated tricks.

His last illegal action was in April 2019, when he began to introduce himself under the false name of Bill Dawson. Actually, the real Bill is a software engineer who has worked for Apple Inc. as chief science officer and helped produce the first CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Dawson is currently a co-founder of the electronic money transfer service Xoom. Which means that Foster, upon learning about Dawson’s profession, tried to profit from the image but the strategy did not serve him for long because after months he was discovered.

The investigation that finally culminated in the arrest of the suspect, has lasted since June and it is “curious” that the police intervention could be recorded.


Source: bitcoin

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