Nintendo Switch successor to be released in June

The Japanese video game distributor Nintendo will launch the successor console to Switch in June

Nintendo announced that it will launch the successor of Switch video game console during the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2025.

The Japanese developer announced the news this Tuesday through the social network X, a decision that was signed by its president, Shuntaro Furukawa.

June will be a month of revelations, as the firm has indicated that “they will publish one of their Nintendo Direct news videos” for the presentation of their line of games for the second half of fiscal year 2024.

It should be noted that the message from the Japanese Nintendo “coincides with the publication this Tuesday of its financial report for the year 2023, in which it reached a record net profit of 490,602 million yen (about 2,950 million euros) thanks to the impact positive from the theatrical release of ‘Super Mario Bros.: the Movie’ and the sustained sales of the Switch family of consoles and its games.”

Without a doubt, knowing that there will soon be a successor console to Switch has raised the expectations of investors, who were eagerly awaiting some news in this regard.


Source: eldebate

(Reference image source: Erik Mclean in Unsplash)

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