Brokewell Trojan steals accounts and banking details on Android13+

Malware known as Brokewell poses as a Chrome update to take over accounts and banking data on the Android operating system13+

Cybersecurity specialists at ThreatFabric have warned about the Brokewell Trojan that presents itself as a fake Chrome update to steal data and bank accounts on Android 13+.

According to specialists, this malware can bypass security restrictions and violate access to give criminals remote access to all “assets available through mobile banking.”

It is a real threat, since once the user authorizes the fake Chrome update, the Trojan is downloaded and, through the executable file, enters the device to steal information.

This new family of mobile malware discovered by ThreatFabric constitutes a “major threat to the banking industry.”

The Brokewell Trojan overlay technique “is common for this type of malicious software, in which it overlays a fake screen on a specific application to capture user credentials. Likewise, it has the ability to steal session cookies and send them to a command and control server (C2).”

Researchers from the cybersecurity firm have pointed out that the Trojan has an accessibility log, which captures everything that happens inside the device, such as keystrokes on the screen, what open applications show, call history, geolocation, audio.


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