Paraguay wants to eliminate paper use in public institutions

The bill was passed in the Chamber of Deputies and they said that the decrease of the paper use would be gradually in public institutions

The deputies gave a half sanction to the bill for speeding up public procedures “zero paper” with 44 votes, so that the public institutions of Paraguay adhere to the Online Document Management service of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication.

For its part, the designer, Tito Ibarrola, said the project seeks a decrease in the use of paper and significant savings of the material, as well as in expenses for photocopiers and inks.

“Beyond the decline, we aim at modernization and the use of technology. It is intended to systematize the different processes of all state institutions, so that everyone is approaching technology,” explained Ibarrola.

In this project the Ministry of Finance will function as a regulatory body. In addition, in case of promulgation, a period of 180 days will be established for the institutions to present a digitalization plan.


Source: ultimahora

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