Cloud migration to stay in the market

Remote work led thousands of companies to migrate to the cloud to stay active through e-commerce

In 2020 thousands of large and small companies had to migrate to the cloud to stay active. It was either that or close its doors due to the high demand for e-commerce that was catapulted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Buying and selling over the Internet became the main means of commerce among the world’s inhabitants once the quarantine and mobility restrictions were declared, which prevented being able to go out to a shopping center, bakery or supermarket to buy first-rate items need.

In this scenario, small and large commercial brands as well as companies were forced to migrate to the cloud to stay active. With this, the need for specialized advice arose. From there, new, high-paying jobs have emerged related to managing data in the cloud.

The demand for Cloud Data Engineering is increasing. So much so that there are already training programs on the subject, where students still without completing the regulatory period are hired with payment in dollars.

The most important thing is that the economy is migrating by leaps and bounds to the cloud, making room for the incorporation of as many specialists as they appear in the labor market. Thus, you can currently see positions in the cloud as architects, developers and engineers. The goal for all of them is to operate without interference and guarantee business, so they need to keep up to date with new technologies.


Source: iproup

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