Morgan Stanley will create a financial product tied to btc

The American company will offer new options to its clients so that they can enter the market of cryptocurrencies

The United States financial institution Morgan Stanley plans to launch an instrument that will help its clients to enter the cryptocurrency market.

This tool will be a financial derivative of “price return swap“, whose underlying asset will be bitcoin cryptocurrencies. According to the media, this information arrived anonymously.

In the economy, a product whose value is determined from the cost of another asset is known as a financial derivative or “swap”. Morgan Stanley will take the route of the swap, a type of derivative that will allow investors to trade with bitcoins without acquiring them.

“The institution does not plan to exchange bitcoins directly and its swaps are linked to bitcoin future contracts,” the anonymous source explained.

For its part, the bank is ready to issue the product already described. Its launch is scheduled for when there is a demand from institutional clients.

K. Tovar

Source: Bloomberg

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