Minimum wage in France increased

The Government of France announced the 1.8% increase in monthly income to settle at 1,353 euros

The Government of France announced this week the increase in the minimum wage in the region, which will now be 1,353 euros per month.

This increase represents 1.8%, about 24 euros, more than the minimum income that an employee received in France during 2022. Per hour, the minimum wage rises from 11.07 euros to 11.27.

The increase in salary is given automatically each year, based on the interannual inflation published in November by the French Institute of Statistics (Insee). During 2022, however, it had already been subject to three revaluations to protect the purchasing power of the French against price increases.

Among other important measures announced for this year, fast food restaurants must put aside the use of disposable containers for products that are consumed in establishments.


Source: Bancaynegocios

(Reference image source: freepik, via web)

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