Chrome will block servers that do not use a security certificate

The Google Chrome browser began testing a feature to block risky HTTP downloads and provide greater protection for users

Before the end of 2022, Google had announced the implementation of more rigorous security measures regarding downloads that do not use security encryption.

In this sense, Google is testing a new function that blocks suspicious downloads, even if they come from known sources, such as HTTP. Let us remember that its security protocols establish the parameters for Internet searches, with the express recommendation to visualize that the page starts with HTTPS.

In this way, the blocking of third parties in searches is reinforced, with a significant reduction in the release of viruses, malware and ransomware, among other threats to users while browsing the Internet.

In its Google Chrome Help section, the user finds the tools to manage browsing security through HTTPS. The new function that blocks HTTP downloads, in the experimental phase, could be implemented permanently once the release of Chrome 111 occurs, which is presumed to occur in March.


With information from news agencies, Europapress and elandroidefeliz

(Photo: Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash)

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