Meta announced the dissolution of its AI regulation division

This measure comes at a crucial time for Meta, being an important year classified as such by its CEO

In a surprise twist, social media giant Meta has dissolved its division tasked with overseeing and regulating its artificial intelligence (AI) projects, according to recent reports. The move has led many members of Meta’s AI division team to take on crucial roles within the company’s generative AI products division, while some have integrated the AI infrastructure team.

Meta’s generative AI division, established in February, primarily aims to develop products capable of generating language and images to emulate their human-created counterparts. This movement arises in the midst of intense competition in the technology industry, where various companies invest heavily in the development of machine learning so as not to be left behind in the race for supremacy in artificial intelligence.

The restructuring comes at a crucial time for Facebook’s parent company as it nears the end of its “year of efficiency,” named by CEO Mark Zuckerberg during an earnings call in February. This phase has been marked by layoffs, team mergers and redistributions in Meta.

AI security has become a prominent priority for major players in this space, especially with increasing attention from regulators and officials on the potential risks associated with this emerging technology. In July, Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI joined together to form an industry group dedicated to setting security standards as AI advances.

Despite the dissolution of the AI regulation division, relocated team members within Meta remain committed to the development and responsible use of artificial intelligence. They emphasize continued investment in this crucial area for the technological future.

Cointelegraph has reached out to Meta for more details, but has so far not received a response from the company.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

(Reference image source: Markus Winkler, Unsplash)

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