Tamagotchi On is back to the market with smartphone connectivity

The well-known virtual pet are back, offering color screen, infrared sensors, Bluetooth to connect to the user's smartphone and an application to communicate with each other and reproduce

Tamagotchi, virtual pets created in 1996, was a world success at that moment. People of different ages assumed the care of their egg-shaped pet and became deeply sad if something happened to them due to carelessness.

Numerous versions of the creation of Aki Maita were released to the market until 1999, when its popularity began to drop and technology continued to grow rapidly.

Recently, the toy retailer, Bandai, announced the reappearance of a new version: Tamagotchi On. The device will keep the egg shape but will offer a color screen and connection to the mobile phone.

Players could earn “Gotchi points” according to the care received by the pet. Thus, each person should strive because the pet is well fed and happy.

According to the published information, the screen will be 2.25 inches with LCD technology, will include infrared sensors and Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone. “In Japan there is also a model with NFC, but there are no announced plans that will come in this new model.”

In addition, through the application for Tamagotchi On customers can communicate with friends and find other Tamagotchi to marry and reproduce. In fact, virtual creatures are active and charismatic; they can “eat, buy, sleep, play, relieve themselves, make friends, travel, get married, play or even get bad.”

The new toys will be on sale from next August 15 in the United States through Amazon at value of US $ 59.99 and users should enter the portal to make the reservation. 


Source: Xataka

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