Wallbit Pay closes operations in Venezuela

The platform for transactions with legit money and cryptocurrencies Wallbit Pay announced the closure of operations in Venezuela due to the sanctions of the United States. Users will have to withdraw their funds

Clients of the Wallbit Pay crypto platform in Venezuela must withdraw their funds due to the closure of operations in the country as a result of the United States sanctions.

From the platform, which allows transactions in fiat money and cryptocurrencies, they indicated that clients residing in Venezuela will be able to withdraw their funds and will receive compensation for transfer commissions.

Venezuelan clients who reside abroad will be able to continue enjoying the services of Wallbit Pay. However, if the user opened the account in Venezuela and then left the country to reside in another destination, they should contact the Technical Support department in order to find out details about such a case.

Through its account on the social network Twitter, Wallbit Pay issued the corresponding statement to inform customers in Venezuela of the cessation of its operations at the indication of its banking partner in the United States.


Source: Descifrado

(Reference image source: Traxer, Unsplash)

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