Petrobras and Enarsa sign an agreement on natural gas

The Brazilian Petrobas and the Argentine Enarsa signed an agreement to establish a commercial alliance in the natural gas sector

Through the signing of a memorandum of understanding, the companies Petrobras of Brazil and Enarsa of Argentina will seek an alliance in the field of natural gas.

According to a statement about this alliance, it was established that “the non-binding agreement has a term of three years and will allow the exchange of information, the evaluation of cooperation alternatives and energy complementarity between the two companies.”

Argentina seeks to coordinate the necessary measures to better guarantee the country’s gas supply during the winter, since it is the period of greatest demand.

“According to Petrobras, these actions to supply gas to Argentina will not have any impact on the supply of raw material in Brazil or any additional financial cost for the company.”

For its part, the Argentine Enarsa indicated that the memorandum with this alliance will be able to supply gas to the Argentine northwest “while the recently tendered works for the reversal of the Northern Gas Pipeline are completed”, in order to bring gas from the Vaca Muerta formation, in the province Patagonian town of Neuquén, to that area of ​​the country.

It is important to highlight that it is the second unconventional gas reserve in the world and the fourth oil reserve. So its development is crucial for the South American country, given that it will allow it to “reverse a significant deficit in the energy trade balance and become a net energy exporter.”


Source: yahoonoticias

(Reference image source: KWON JUNHO in Unsplash)

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