Mercado Libre launches TikTok-style content creation feature

The Mercado Libre platform bets on the new trend of going viral on the networks with the creation of content and launches a TikTok-style function

The positive experiences of a high percentage of content creators on TikTok have become a trend to go viral on the networks. This phenomenon drives other companies, such as Mercado Libre, to launch new functions of this style and generate profits.

Mercado Libre is constantly reinventing itself, seeking to adapt to the new phenomena of electronic commerce. The new feature of the application includes a section of short videos about the products that are for sale in the market.

Currently, the bet is oriented to the new trends that dominate electronic commerce and generate juicy profits. Content creation is the main way to achieve this on social networks.

In the style of TikTok, the videos in the new section of the Mercado Libre app allow users to enter the “live commerce”, with a predetermined schedule. The specifications to record the videos is that they be made in vertical format, have a duration of one minute, in addition to being oriented to a single product.


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Source: iproup

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